Save up to 18% on your building electric bills.


SavaPower is brought to you by SavaWatt Controls, with 30 years in Power Reduction

In recent years, voltage optimisation has become widely accepted as a viable means of reducing energy consumption. Simply put, the UK has higher voltage than the requirement of modern electrical equipment.  Higher supply voltages lead to increased consumption as highlighted by the IEE, a 230 V linear appliance used on a 240 V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy. The SavaPower VO systems can offer a fantastic payback with standard options such as auto-bypass.

How it works

Significantly reduce your operating costs

Voltage Optimisation is designed to match the load voltage requirements with a lower supply voltage. This will ensure all equipment is running closer to the designed operational parameters.

Key Features

Great features to help us stand out from the crowd

Our SavaPower Voltage Optimisation units have a number of great features to help us stand out from the crowd. SavaWatt has been manufacturing Voltage Optimisation units since 2002, and have a vast amount of application knowledge of the best applications and more importantly best practice.

For this reason, we have included as standard an automatic bypass system which can restore full power to the building without shutting down power. The bypass also allows us to change the set saving levels at a later date without site disruptions.

* Standard on 500 series controllers


NICIEC and ECA approved electrical installation teams

We also have our own dedicated in-house NICIEC and ECA approved electrical installation teams as well as nationwide authorised installers.
From a single installation to a national roll out, you can rest assured that when you’ve order your SavaPower system we’ve got it covered. As we’ve manufactured 1000’s of Voltage Optimisation units over the years, we have build up vast knowledge and tool kits to ensure all jobs are completed professionally and effectively.

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