Reduce your electricity use on refrigeration equipment.


Commercial Users

The SavaPlug is currently only available to commercial customers. It can be used as a viable method to help reduce electricity consumption on refrigeration equipment.

The SavaPlug can be funded by Salix loans

Domestic Users

The SavaPlug D was discontinued in the UK.

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Commercial SavaPlug SP3-P

Originally developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy, the Commercial SavaPlug (SC3-P) can reduce running costs for various style refrigeration/freezer units. The SavaPlug SC3-P is based on the same technology in our SavaControls, which has proven track record for reliability and performance.

The SavaPlug can be funded by Salix loans

SavaPlug SPU

SavaWatt, the leaders in refrigeration energy saving controls are proud to introduce the all new SavaPlug SPU. Like the revolutionary original Savaplug which sold over 2 million units worldwide, the all New SavaPlug SPU is set to change the market again. Based on our patented “Sava” technology, the New SavaPlug can be retrofitted to any virtually any refrigerator or freezer with the use of our simple plug and save setup.

No wiring or tools are required to install the control.  Simply plug your refrigerator into our control and our control into the standard 3 pin socket and that’s it. Instant savings with no hassle and no change to operating temperature.